Bandhas and yoga


    What are bandhas in yoga?

    Have you ever heard of Bandhas? What are they and why are they important in yoga?

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    Discover how yoga can change your life

    10 years ago a bad accident happened to my husband Luigi (at the time we were only dating). He lost the use of his left arm, and he was left handed!! After the accident We started travelling around the world and got back to our greatest passions: yoga for me, meditation and oriental arts for Luigi, healty nutrition, positive thinking and travel for both of us.  We started to unwrap our biggest dream:  To help people improve their bodies, lives and minds trough yoga, meditation and healty food without having to sacrifice what they love..

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    Benefits of meditation

    What actually is meditation?

    The word meditation comes from latin meditatio, & means “reflection”; it is infact the concentration of our mind on one or more objects, images, thoughts, or even on nothing, for different scopes, going from religious, spiritual, philosophical and so on.

    In other words meditation is a method to learn how to get to know ourselves in depth & find ourselves. 

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    How to lose weight with yoga

    How to lose weight with yoga.

    Losing weight with yoga is possible especially if it is mixed with an aimed & combined physical activity, an innovative & proven training method that combines together in a perfect mix yoga, tai chi, & fitness & is called Styleoga®.

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    Unesco: yoga is patrimony of humanity!

    Unesco: yoga is officially patrimony of humanity!!!

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    Meditation for everyone

    Meditation for everyone. Check the useful tips to start to meditate!

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    Yoga for everyone

    Yoga for everyone, check out these asanas for beginners such as the mountain pose, warrior 2 and downward dog.

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